Cost of going full frame full equipped: nikon vs canon

August 27, 2012

Thinking about going full frame (FX)? If you are a DX (not full frame) user, probably you have to start from scratch as probably most of your lenses would not work in a full frame camera.

This is the perfect moment to rethink if you want to go for canon or nikon. They both are great, so I guess is a question of taste.

The two contestants for this comparison are the the nikon d800e and the canon 5d markIII.

Deep reviews of these cameras can be found here:

I am not going to get into which one is better. I bet both are great and it is more of a question of whether you are more a nikon type or a canon type.
Personally I am a nikon one. But my “traditional” camera was a canon, an A1 which I love and I still have.
I went for nikon because I liked the grip and how it feels in your hand. For the way the menus are done so you can reach any function without having to go to a million screens, mostly with physical buttons. But I like canon, and I have always loved how good it performed in low light conditions…. but these to cameras… well they are good enough, so I believe it is a question of taste and… maths…
You can say, they cost the same but that would be short sighted. We have to compare what would cost a full set of camera plus lenses, so this is why I am writing this. (prices are in Swiss Francs and I have use toppreise to get them):
[table id=5 /]
So even if initially when buying the bodies it appears that canon is cheaper, at the end of the day, when you build your ecosystem it ends up costing a bit more.
Both are around 9000 CHF… so it is a serious investment. Unless you go for a travel zoom such as the 28-300 with costs 800 chf and then the 14-24. That would cover the same range at the cost (for nikon) of 5.851 chf…
I keep my iPhone and my d300 for the time being…


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