Track your iPhone with an app instead of MobileMe

November 4, 2010

The drawback of owning a smartphone that holds all of your apps, photos, music and more is the possibility that you may lose the device. With all of the information and content iPhones hold, it can be frustrating to lose the device in one fell swoop. There are a number of apps and services, such as Find My Phone and Apple’s MobileMe, that will help track your iPhone’s location if the device is lost. Today, TekTrak is entering the mix with its app that allows you to track the GPS of an iPhone remotely from any web browser.

TekTrak offers its location-tracking app for $4.99, in the Apple App Store. The App’s functionality is fairly simple: it allows an iPhone’s owner to access their device’s location information in realtime from a browser. You can access all the location history of your phone (i.e. where it was and when); and the app runs in the background. You can also remotely ring or send push notifications to your phone.

TekTrak tries to tackle the pain of battery drain by running in the background and allowing users to check location at predetermined time intervals. TekTrak’s main competitor is Apple, which can be a challenge, but its app is fairly affordable compared to a MobileMe subscription which hovers around $99 per year.

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