March 26, 2010

I have written several times about my workflows for facebook, twitter using brightkite, one of my favourite apps.

Now with all the location-based apps there is a clear hype, but again we will start experiencing fatigue. You go to a bar and then what… you have to open brightkite, check in write a note and maybe take a photo so you share it in facebook and twitter, then foursquare and you see if someone is there, add a tip or a todo and maybe get a mayor, and then gowalla… uffff

Like pixelpipe allows you to post to all social networks. I use it to upload the photos I take to several locations at once (my server, flickr, youtube (if it is a video), expono…, does the same for your location-based apps.

It is done by the guys of Brightkite so it should be good. is an application that lets you check-in with multiple services at the same time. For the time being by invitation only.

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