Philipsburg, Netherlands Antilles

March 9, 2010

We did not get to Philipsburg until 1pm (ship time). During the trip some places had different time zones, but in order to avoid problems the cruise always referred to the ship time (Miami time). The night before they let you a print out of the activities for next day. The time you get to port, the local time and the time you should be back to the ship. Also a list of all the ton of activities organised through the day in the ship. Specially for those who decide to stay on board.

Philipsburg was a very cute place. A long and narrow town, small and with the ocean at both sides.

The weather was variable. When the sun went out it was terribly hot, but when cloudy it was OK. It rained for a while.

When a ship of the caliber of the MSC Poesia arrives to a city like this, the town feels crowded and I am guessing that during the rest of the week, when no ships are there (normally they all go on the same day) it is a dead city.

Nuria had a bath in the sea and we had lunch there.
Philipsburg in British Virgin Islands
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