Fonera 2.0n: How to upgrade to latest DEV firmware

January 18, 2010

I have been enquiring in the fonera forums on how to install the latest release candidate in my fon 2.0 as wifi for the iphone in the current version is unusable and in the the drivers have changed.

This is what I posted in the forums:

1.- Save your settings: Settings/System then the big settings button will donwload a file called luci. Save it.

2.- Download the latest DEV version of your 2.0n: … .0_DEV.tgz (remember that from the web you can only instal tgz files)

3.- In my case I tried upgrading to dev from my mac (safari) in the wan and it did not work. I tried from a lan computer and it did work. It takes 5 min. Then I went setting/system/settings update and then I could not see any difference between the DEV and the normal firmware. I could not access via ssh, so I thought it might have been because in my setting I have the fonera running on instead of the default I then reseted to factory default.

4.- Once in factory default you are asked to follow a wizard. You had a password of 8 char with numbers and then I tried ssh and worked.

5.- Now how to send the to the fonera? I tried put and get and did not work. Filezilla over sftp did not work either. Only wget. So I had to dowload from here ( … EV-RC2.tgz) but from ssh you cannot install tgz, so I had to extract the .img and upload it to a server: http://yourserver/20091210_FON2303_2.3.5.0_DEV-RC2.img

6.- You go to ssh root@ and then your 8 char password, go to the #cd /tmp folder and

7.- Then #wget http://yourserver/20091210_FON2303_2.3.5.0_DEV-RC2.img

8.- Now you have to install the image make sure you are in the #cd /tmp then #mtd -r write 20091210_FON2303_2.3.5.0_DEV-RC2.img image

9.- DONE!!

10.- Now you can upload your luci settings again.

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