Paid Services in Internet. Which one would you pay for?

November 24, 2009

I was wondering, from all paid services in internet, from things like photo galleries, backups, servers, domain names, etc… which ones would you pay for:

I would pay for… (would I?):

  1. Domain registration (I pay)
  2. VPS (linux) (I host it at home so I don’t)
  3. Pingdom (I use the free version, but the thing is to check if you are online.)
  4. MX backup (I pay, I thing that 35 usd for 5 years??)
  5. Some cloud backup: Backblaze, Carbonite,  and others (I don’ t but I should. It is about 5usd per month. Another option to buy an external HD and put it in a friend’s house for off site backup)
  6. Photo gallery (unlimited) such as the great smugmug, expono, etc… still no one offering full RAW support though… (I don’t)
  7. Evernote (a must have… but I use the free version. Considering to pay though)
  8. Online sharing storage such as dropbox (I use the free version)
  9. Spotify (I use the free version, but I am a lazy guy, I prefer
  10. Audible (audio books, great!)
  11. Sync tool for iPhone such as mobile me (or use google for free. I use a friend’s mobile me as a family member)
  12. Prezi, a great presentation tool (I use the free version…)

Anything else?

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