April 17, 2009

Remember I posted a link to a web based “to do” list called “Remember the Milk“?
Remeber the Milk was very good web tool to manage your to do lists. It even has offline mode using google gears.

Now we have a new comer in the market: gubb

gubb is a free web-based application with an easy-to-use interface that enables you to create, manage and share an unlimited number of lists.

gubb is for any and all the lists you can think of: from every day shopping and to-do lists to wishlists, brainstorming notes, personal goals, group projects and more. Just about as easy as jotting something down on paper, only better. You’ll always know where your lists are; you can edit and organize them any time; and you can share with friends and co-workers in seconds.

I use Things for mac and iPhone. Also Evernote.

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