qik roam

April 14, 2009


QiK Roam is a solution to set you free from expensive roaming charges when using your mobile device while traveling. Instead of coming home to a nasty shock in the form of a gigantic bill from your cellular service provider, you can take advantage of Qik Roam’s hugely discounted voice and data rates in more than 213 countries. Qik Roam’s pre-paid service insures that you never get an unexpected charge while using your mobile device abroad.

Practically speaking, QiK Roam is a global roaming SIM card that you insert into any unlocked, tri-band cellular phone. While using the Qik Roam SIM in your phone to make and receive calls, send and receive SMS text messages, check email, browse the web and live stream video via Qik, you will enjoy discounts of up to 80% over standard global roaming charges.

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