Last day in New Zealand

March 26, 2009

Here we are, in Christchurch airport waiting to board. I am now on the iPhone. Looks like we get 15 min of free wifi here.
We woke up again in the jail backpackers and this time we had proper breakfast: the sausages that we still had and the beans 😉
We finished the bread and the orange juice and we checked out. We left everything in the car and walled downtown. Again we did not use the car a lot today. We visited the botanic gardens, walked around the park and then around 2.30 we had lunch in a sort of fast food japanesse. Very nice sushi. After that we went back to the jail where the car was parked. We cleaned it up (just the mess inside) and we put the gps to guide us to jucy, where we left it. It was a sad moment. All these Km together. Finally 6.989 Km. Woooow.
No problems at all with jucy. All smooth. They even reinboursed us the 5 dollars that we paid extra to have a clean car and the car was dirty…
They drove us to the airport and here we are. We take the flight to Auckland and then 12 hours to Hong Kong.

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