Aoroki (Mount Cook)

March 22, 2009

DTG_7785After a cold night at Omahau Downs (but with heating in our room 😉 ) in Twitzel we had breakfast and left direction to Mount Cook, around 50 Km of where we where. The earlier evening in the living room we had to light fire. It can get pretty cold here in this area, even if now is the end of summer. 22032009190

The drive towards Mount Cook is just amazing. We follow a pretty flat land with the mountains at the end. Beautiful. Closer to the town you go by a huge lake and finally Mount Cook town. The mountains there are all with snow, and it is not that high in altitude. We went to the Information centre to see which walks were better for such a beautiful day like the one we had today, with not even a cloud in the sky. The one they recommended was the Hooker valley, where you have a view over the the valley, mount Cook and the lakes that the glacier has when it melts.

We drove to the parking and started our walk. It was a 3 hours walk and we took it easy. We crossed two hanging bridges and at the end we reached the lake, with pieces of ice floating around. Beautiful. A bit chili there, but very nice. We had lunch and then we had a siesta. After that we went back to the parking. I have recorded this path in the gps. 22032009191

DTG_7788Because is was still early we decided to make another walk. This time to the Tasman Lake, also with many big blocks of ice floating. In fact there were 3 walks there and we made them all. This was the l onger glacier in New Zealand with 29 km that is flat at the end, so instead of melting like the rest of the glaciers it melts from the top. Then back to the car and we headed to Tekapu where we are now at the Tailor Made Tekapu Backpackers. It is a backpackers place too.

After getting here we went to the tekapu lake, which is superblue, and had dinner (salmon) at “the” local restaurant (315 inhabitants…).

By the way, I have edited the post of Nuria’s skydive (embrace the fear) of the 15th of May and I have uploaded a video 😉
Mont Cook Glaciar in New Zealand GPS Garmin Oregon 300

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