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May 24, 2008

Chat InformationThank you for contacting Globat Chat Support. You are now chatting with Technical Specialist ‘PJ’
PJ: Hi and thank you for contacting Globat Signature Support! We have received your question (s) from the pre-chat survey and will answer you momentarily.  Thank you for your patience.
Me: hello
PJ: hi
Me: is not working
Me: I connected to the FTP and all files are gone…. what’s wrong???
Me: It is a joomla site and was working fine until 4 of 5 days
PJ: Thank you for your patience. I’ll be with you in just a moment.
PJ: The storage device attached to the server where many websites are stored. Normally a disk failure is not catastrophic. The disk failed completely at some point during the night and we switched over to the backup storage device. After the failure and switching to the backup server, we discovered that the backup procedure had been corrupted by the earlier partial disk failure and some sites had no backup available.
PJ: We deeply apologize for this inconvenience. The server is back online and running normally again. Please reupload your files again on the server,
Me: ??
Me: don’t you have a backup??????
PJ: unfortunately the backup happened to be affected by the failure leaving files deleted
Me: I don’t have a back up!!!!!! Tell me that this is not happening…
PJ: unfortunately this is what reported by high management for technical department and we have to face that file on server have been lost due to server failure
Me: I cannot believe it. There is no back up somewhere else??? This is a disaster for the organization….
Me: Even an old backup?
PJ: not even old back up
Me: I will talk with the Management of esan. I’m about to have a heart attack.
Me: They are going to kill me.
Me: If we have to start the web from scratch obviously we will go somewhere else. I have to carefully read the terms and conditions of the hosting. This is incredible…
PJ: we are trully sorry for this inconvenience
Me: Sure. Now I have to go. I will call you. I have to jump from a bridge now.
PJ: that is such a bad joke :9
Me: really? what I am suppose to tell the organization when I have charged them a lot of money to do the website and I don’t have a back up?
Me: Where they keep all personel data, bank details, everything!!! what I am suposed to do?
Me: They relayed on the web 100% and I trusted you.
Me: do you keep the corrupted back up disks? I am ready to pay an expert to recover the data.
PJ: our higher manage ment have done the that but still no result
Me: Please, please please, it is possbile to retrive data from a damaged disc. Please. Specially is you are using raids plus backups… is there hope? please
PJ: it was been reported this morning from the director itself that files have been lost and that we need to face clients with this issues, we are allowed to provide additional months of hostng but I feel that this is not going to ease the lost at your end
Me: So no hope. Thank PJ. I should go then. I’m a dead man.

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