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September 14, 2014

I have my blog a bit abandoned. Nowadays with all the social media channels it is hard to continue blogging using self hosted solutions. All your friends are on Facebook, so you post your day to day things related to family and life there. Twitter and Google plus and LinkedIn to share your interests, when you find a piece of content that you want people with similar taste to read. Often not even reading it yourself…

tokao is or was, the place for me to post stuff about tips on productivity, on apps. A place for blogging my trips, and sharing the photos I take with my phone. A place where I would share design or stuff I like.

This weekend I am washing its face. Internet has progressed and tokao was not following up.

No I use big fonts, big photos, parallax effects, nice galleries…

Checking my drafts, I have stuff never published since 2010 with titles such as:

drafts tokao

I hope I come back here and finish some of those. There are plenty of things I would like to blog about: CMS,

Document Management Systems, about paperless offices, about mobile phones, and a long etc…

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