The future of photography

May 4, 2013

Photography is one of my main passions. You can find many entries here about my workflows, my camera, lenses, etc…

I have a nikon d300 with a couple of lenses covering from 10-200 mm. Before this one I had a Panasonic DMZ (I forgot the model, but not a compact) and some other digital cameras.

Previously I had a canon A1 (not a digital camera) with lenses.

I have a website a bit forgotten with photos a NAS with 60.000 photos and flicker with nearly 50.000.

I can say that 90% of the photos I take now are with my iPhone 4s. Why?

I always carry my phone. The quality of the photos is decent, and a good photo does not require an outstanding camera.


I mentioned I always carry my Phone, but also it is connected. It has 3g and wifi, so photos are shared/uploaded easily. It has a GPS so they are geotagged. It has apps (software) to manipulate the photos if you wish.

With my nikon, I shoot raw and I carry a GPS logger. I have to extract the photos with a card reader to a laptop, I have to extract the GPS log files. I have to merge the raw files with the GPS coordinates, I have to run DxO to correct aberrations, vignetting and optic distortion and only then I have JPG ready, but as you can see is quite a process, that I am ready to follow if I go on holidays or if there is a special occasion, but this is less than 10% of the time.

Why I do not upgrade my DSLR?

Because the next DSLR should make my life easier. It should have GPS and connectivity. It should be full frame and have a reasonable price. Now only few are giving you all this (the new canon 6d).

Now everybody is a photographer with apps such as Instagram and cameras such as the iPhone’s.

How do I see the future?

The new iPhone surely will have a better camera. Probably better than any other smartphone. It will shoot with low light and will have a decent pixel count, which is around 12Mpx. (we don’t need more than that, even in DSLRs).

I don’t think they can fit optical zoom into a phone and that is why if you want field depth and zoom you will still need other digital cameras, otherwise I expect smartphones to continue being the most used cameras.

Compact cameras will become more like telephones (connected) and DSLR also. You will be able to do digital manipulations in the camera, and they will be connected.

I will continue shooting with DSLR because I like it, but the ration 90/10 will remain the same.

Look at the latest iPhone commercial. The iPhone 5 is the most popular digital camera…

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  1. Comment by tokao

    tokao Reply May 6, 2013 at 10:30 am

    One more think I discovered on Android and that I quite like, is the fact you can be browsing the Playstore on your laptop and you can push the install of an app directly to your android device. Bravo. Cool feature.

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