Day 5: very very rough sea

February 25, 2013

We did not have diner yesterday but peanuts and wine, like in the old times when we were doing the round the world trip.
We have room number 3 at changes in latitudes b&b. it is facing the patio and is the only one in the corner so windows everywhere. I guess is the best room…. But it is damn noisy as is also close to the road.
We don’t like to use the air conditioner when we sleep so it becomes hot.
Breakfast was very very good. First some fruits, yogurt and muesli, then frijoles with xxx
At 8 we called the diving center who told us they were not going out this morning, but that they might at 1:30pm.
We take it easy. We walked to the diving center and they confirmed they were going out so we paid and Nigel putted the PADI advance DVD for us to watch. He lent us the book and we won’t back to the B&B.
at 1:30 a boat picked us up and we went to the shop. I did not see any improvement in the weather but they are the experts. We jumped into the boat with our wetsuits and the guy told us that passed the barrier reed the the sea was rough.
OMG… I have never seen such waves and the little boat was jumping and crashing… Until we hit a huge one and voila that was the end of the dive. Everybody on the floor, injured. One has been taken to the hospital and my back hurts like hell. Nuria went now to look for some pain killers, but the German lady who was sitting next to me had to go to the hospital.
I am very disappointed with the irresponsibility of these guys. Now I realized that it was suicidal to make us put the weights. If any of us might have fallen over board we were dead weighs.
Anyway, here I am on the beach. Enjoying. But I ha the feeling diving is off. It is too windy and it does not get any better.





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