Gadget fatigue?

November 6, 2012

When the first iPhone went out few years ago, it was revolutionary. Queues in apple shops were in the news and people was so excited.

With every product apple launched, iPads, MacBooks, iPhones… people gets overexcited and buy the products…

Now, with iPhone 5, are we starting to be tired? What else can a gadget bring us?

We have a laptop. Mine is from 2007 but it look the same as the current macbook pros and still works. I have an iPad 2 which is basically the same as the iPad mini, and an iPhone 4s.

What else can they do to keep the crowd excited?

Phones are a box. It gets smaller and more powerful but it is still a box. My phone does the same as the latest iPhone and I don’t see what else can the add in the future aside from speed, change of design and better camera and screen… Maybe NFC, maybe something else?

The point is that I believe we have reached a plateau. It happened with IBM and with Microsoft. Apple cannot be on the top forever. They are still going to be there for a while, that is for sure, and of course if they embrace new trends they could keep being the reference, but we all know they are late adaptors. They do not bet on raw innovation, and they play with us by releasing in dosed way new features…

For instance the iPad mini. They could have added a retina display, an A6X and a better camera. They didn’t. That is why they have iPad mini improvements for the next year or year and a half.

I also think that once Android is more mature and consistent it could become number one. Sure there is room for three main players.

I also think that the next big thing will be someone who innovates in wearable technology, such as watches or glasses. Like google glasses, but that it will only become mass consumed when a company like apple takes it to another level by carefully designing it and make it easy to use and attractive. If glasses are the way for instance, they should be discrete… otherwise it will be like the bluetooth things you put on your ear and you look like stupid. Definitely sort of virtual reality is a way to go. Maybe voice with not noticeable earpieces…

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