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June 26, 2012

We’ve heard about tons of solutions to share the desktop. From commercial solutions such as gotomypc to share the screen using skype.

In a recent long term consultancy I had to give training to users all around the globe. There was no budget for a commercial solution so I used my beloved mikogo.

Up to now mikogo was a free easy solution that does not require to install anything as an admin and that allows you to share your desktop, paint, give the power to anybody attending and even change on the fly to another presenter. For me that is more than enough to stay with the free plan.

Today I discovered a damn easy solution to achive most of the things… it is called:

With join me you just go to that website and you are either a presenter or a participant. All online, free and with voip included!!

It does pretty much the same than mikogo except changing presenters mainly.

Give it a try…

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