Day 11: Harley Davidson Fat Boy and California coastline

April 8, 2012

As we managed to keep the car until the day after that made thing easier. We drove to eagle rider picked one of the bikes returned the car and went back to pick up the second bike.
Eagle rider was huge. They a lot of Harley’s.
Our two Fat Boys were brand new. 5 miles on the clock. One yellow for Sebas ( I like it more) and one blue for me. Having a Ducati myself I have to recognize that the Harley’s are a world apart. The noise the weight and the looks are unique.
We headed north by the coast, from Venice to Santa Monica, Malibu, Santa Barbara and finally stopping over at Buellton.
We had quite a shock. We arrived at Buellton with 10 miles left of gas in the tank. We really thought we would not make it.
For dinner we went to Andersen’s and fryer ordered what they claim is the famous pea soup. Nothing special.








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