Day 6: Antelope Canyon & horseshoe bend

April 3, 2012

As usual we are a bit post with the local time. From California to New Mexico to Arizona and now in Utah the time zone keeps changing.
Today we had breakfast as usual at the motel and then went to the tour operator for the antelope canyon. We paid 70$ for the two of us. This includes a ride with a huge pick up car and 14 people on the back, the entry to this indian land and a tour inside the upper antelope canyon. 1:40 in total.
The canyon is incredible. All done by the water passing through.
After the visit we took the car and drove to the horseshoe bend of the glen canyon. The typical photo of the river in a u form in the canyon. We left the convertible parked and walked to the spot and then around. The views are breathtaking. You cannot notice it for the photos but the cliffs are incredible.
After that we visited the Powell damn at Page. At lunchtime we went to a local American Mexican drive in called RD drive in. After eating we hesitated to either go to the Bryce Canyon or to the Zion national park. We decided for the second, so we headed towards Kanab (the little hollywood) and then Springdale, that is where we are right now.
When we entered the Sion National park we paid sure 25$ and opened the top of car even with 7 degrees. The road was amazing. Nature incredible and the experience of driving Ina convertible was great.
Now we are at the terrace brooks lodge and tomorrow we will visit the park. After that we will head to las Vegas where we have booked the New York hotel for two nights.20120402-214510.jpg20120402-214527.jpg20120402-214522.jpg20120402-214517.jpg20120402-214553.jpg20120402-214546.jpg20120402-214539.jpg20120402-214623.jpg20120402-214637.jpg

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