GTD: Todos, Task managers… PART 2

January 9, 2012

I had promised for a while that I would write a second part to the GTD To Do review I did some time ago. Well, here it is.

It is not going to be so deep as the one I did back in September 2010, simply because I don’t have too much time to write on my blog.

Since Sept. 2010 the To Do solutions have increased exponentially. Now we can easily find solutions that are web based with apps for iOS and Android, and even more solutions that are focused for teams and they are web based.

I will focus on the way I do it while mentioning the ones I encounter in my way.


  • I want a way to manage my To Dos, from my iPhone, iPad, Mac and web. I would like it to be offline.
  • I need to have access to shared To Dos with my wife.

List of To Dos and Project Management tools

For collaboration project managment and to dos, take a look to this sites.



Teamly is a great tool for managing a team. It has private and group tasks.


Huddle is more than a to do solution. Pretends to be a substitute to SharePoint.

Here you have a list of all the features:


Teambox is more like teamly. Webbase app for teams. It integrates with Google docs and Dropbox, and they have iPhone app. 3 projects free.


Also based on David Allen’s GTD. Free to try. Take a look:

My Favorites


Wunderlist is awesomely designed. It has apps and web and for windows and mac. It is simple and nice. It is a todo program, and has collaboration features, which makes it a perfect candidate. is a todo that just released iphone and android apps. A bit buggy but looks very good. I like the fact that they have apps and programs for all platforms  and web!!! and it is based on GTD (getting things done).

It is free. Give it a try!


Manymoon is not nicer or has more stuff than others. What it has unique is that it is an app for Gmail or Google apps, giving it a clear advantage over integration with email, calendar and contacts. They have now the domain too…
Take a look it is good that within your emails, if you are a Google person, you can say this is a task or it is assigned to this person, etc… Depends on what you are looking for.

What do I use?


I am an Evernote lover. You can see it from my posts. I am a premium subscriber with 1000’s of notes, from all incoming mail, to my books, wine, receipts, to the todos.

Now the new iPhone an iPad app allow you to create checkboxes therefore in combinaison with Egretlist is an option to consider. The downside continues to be the due dates and repeting tasks….

2Do app + Toodledo

I reviewed the 2Do app in September. It is the one I use, with a Toodledo sync.


I love the app. It is one of the most complete, with location (on demand so no battery concern), tagging, etc.. it is fully syncronized with toodledo and:

I can feed it via emails. I can email a secret email address at toodledo and with some queries I can control where the to do goes, so a task could have in the subject of an email something like

Call Jim !! @phone #today
Finish the Report ! #next friday *ProjectA @work $Active ~1hour
Mow the lawn *Chores @home

Also I can syncronize my toodledo account with my iCal and see it in my mac.

Downside: No mac client (or PC…)

Reminders Mac.

With iOS5 Apple released Reminders. It is a very simple to do. I use it for shared lists with my wife. The shopping list and the shared list.

This is day to day list, perfectly integrated with mac (iCal) web (iCloud).

To share a list go to iCloud click on the icon.





I bumped into a nice to do website… but not to manage your todos but to outsource them… take a look:



ther you might consider:


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