Watch This Now: Aerial Photography Turned Into 3D Mapping

April 29, 2011

The latest and greatest revision of Google Maps released at the end of 2010 brought an exclusive feature to the Android platform: 3D map imaging. Solid white 3D representations of buildings pop into focus when you zoom in and rotate the angle of the map with multi-touch, and the feature delivers some awesome depth to Google Maps. It looks even better on a tablet. Why is all this important? Picture those 3D buildings. Now make them a hundred times cooler, and you might be prepared for the 3D maps a Swedish company is creating with flyover aerial photography.


Technology once used in missile guidance systems has been adapted to convert flyover video into 3D city models. The company has already mapped over 100 cities, including New York. We want this in Google Maps yesterday.

(from tested)

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