280 daily diary

March 8, 2011

280daily is quite possibly the future of consistent journaling and the easiest way to create a searchable archive of your life.
Secure, completely private, encrypted and safe.

How could you put 280daily to use? Below are 7 possibilities.

  1. Journal. Realistically keep a journal, 280 characters only takes 2 minutes!
  2. Travelling. You’re too busy having fun to write down every detail!
  3. Business. Keep track of your business life.
  4. Sport. Running a marathon? Track your progress.
  5. Food Diary. Losing weight or getting fit?
  6. Target Progress. Record progress of a large task.
  7. Backwards To-Do List. What did you get done today?

280daily: Sum up your day in 280 characters from 280daily on Vimeo.

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