iPhoto duplicates

February 7, 2011

Since I have my iPhone 4 I have noticed that iPhoto sometimes imports things twice from my iPhone, so I end up with some duplicates.

I don’t know if this is due to the fact that I have tons of photos in the iPhone and in the iPhoto, or that this is the 4th iPhone synchronizing with iPhoto or that we are synchronizing 2 iPhones…

What I know is that I have duplicates and I could not find an easy way to get rid of them…

I use iPhoto on my macbook to sync my iPhones photos. The iPhone camera has become my main camera.

My nikon d300 I sync with a PC (multimedia) running windows 7 and picasa (more than 250Gb of photos).

iPhoto duplicates: Solution

I found and bought this program: Duplicate Annihilator.

Basically what it does is to identify the duplicate photos and add a comment saying that it is a duplicate. They you can search them and bin them. Pretty straight forward. It has many options but the default worked fine for me.

The problem is that the thumbnails can be duplicated too, and even if they have another program for that, if you start iPhoto holding Command Key+Option, then you have the option of rebuilding thumbnails.

The features of the Duplicate Annihilator are:

  • Easily find and annihilate duplicates created internally by iPhoto or during import.
  • Compare images using different algorithms to detect and understand differences.
  • Detect duplicates using effective algorithms using electronic checksums like MD5 and CRC32.
  • Detect duplicates by using file specific meta data such as filename, dimensions, filesize, Exif creation date or date of creation.
  • Delete duplicates upon detection or mark them with a keyword to make them easily found using iPhoto features like search or smart folders.
  • Makes your iPhoto slimmer and faster.
  • Only uses standard Apple features and API’s. No hacking nor tampering with iPhoto system files.
  • Free updates.

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