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January 26, 2011

OpenStudy is a social learning network where students ask questions, give help, and connect with other students studying the same things. Our mission is to make the world one large study group, regardless of school, location, or background.

OpenStudy uses AI recommendation engines to match students, and really real-time technologies to facilitate online interaction. It’s like walking into a library or coffee shop and finding just the right group of students who can help you with what you’re studying right now or someone struggling with a problem who could really use your help…halfway across the globe.

Why use OpenStudy?


  • Get help right now – your study emergency resource, just in time, when you need it.
  • Why study alone? – your study network, always there, always on.
  • Pay it forward – learn by helping; feel good about helping someone in need.


  • Engage your students – connect with students on their terms using a social learning network.
  • Facilitate peer learning – create study groups to help your students learn better.
  • Know your students – see who needs help, recognize early signs of trouble.

Getting Started on OpenStudy! from Open Study on Vimeo.

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