Holiday gift list for geeks

November 28, 2010

Wondering what to buy for a geeky person?

Here is my list:


  • iPad (Great to consume content)
  • MacBook air 11″ (sexiest laptop to take with you everywhere)
  • iPhone 4 (the best phone ever, with the best camera)
  • Time Capsule or Airport Extreme (the first if you have a mac to forget about local backups, the second if you just want a great wifi network at home)



Internet services:

  • Evernote (my second brain)
  • Google storage (if you use picasa, google docs, etc… cheap storage)
  • Flickr pro or smugmug (for your photos online if you have a lot of photos and look for unlimited storage)
  • crashplan (best backup in the cloud solution)
  • sugarsync (best sync solution, better than dropbox)
  • toodledo (great todo management tool)

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