New iPhone, iPad App Lets You Search Inside Local Restaurants

November 11, 2010

EveryScape, a startup working to create visual guides for local search, is today rolling out its Eats application for iPhone and iPad to users in the Seattle, San Francisco and SoHo areas. The application takes mobile users inside nearby restaurants for a more up-close and personal search experience.

Using Eats, application users can essentially explore the interior of local restaurants in a virtual walk-a-round fashion, similar in style to Google Streetview for mobile, but infinitely more practical for would-be restaurant diners.

Eats also includes visual search options, social sharing features and filters for users to find restaurants by location, price or rating.

The EveryScape custom-built technology powering Eats is capable of transforming photo stills into three dimensional, user-controlled internal store tours. The application is designed to further the connection between patron and business owner, and business owners can use the service to customize their venue information.

EveryScape is also announcing today the private beta release of its mobile SDK, making available its collection of visual restaurant guides to select iPhone and iPad developers.

The Eats mobile application will be rolled out to New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington, D.C. in the months ahead. In many ways, Eats is like a next generation version of Yelp for mobile. Interestingly enough, Google may also be experimenting with a similar idea to enhance its Streetview product.

You can watch a demo of the Boston edition of the iPhone application below.

(via Mashable)

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