Yahoo! Messenger for iPhone with video

October 13, 2010

Yahoo! just launched a new iPhone app of their Yahoo! messenger.

So, what’s the big deal?

Well, when apple annouced the new FaceTime everybody was excited! wow! video chat with your iPhone and they will open the standards…

Sure but they have been sleeping… FaceTime works only over wifi… only between iPhone 4 users…

Then it came Fring. Free, phone to phone video calls. No matter which phone. Even better than FaceTime!! Now I can use my nokia to call an iPhone 4 or even a 3GS with the back camera.

Well the last is Yahoo! mesenger. It allows you to have video calls for free… but this time no just to other phones but to someone with the desktop version of Yahoo! messenger. This is big. Over wifi, 3G… and videocalling to my mum’s computer.

Apple? Don’t sleep.

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