Products I can't live without

May 4, 2010

Here a quick list of the products I can’t live without:


Macbook pro
iPhone 3GS (as soon as the 4G is out… then … 😉 )
Nikon d300 with nikkor 18-200 and  sigma 10-20 (I wish it was a nikon d3s though…)
Fonera2.0n (great concept and community. I have two an convincing friends to join)
IP Camera (pan tilt) wifi
I hesitate about the iPad. I might wait for the second gen (with hopefully a camera for video chats)


Google apps
Google sync
Zoneedit (to manage dns)
Evernote (my brain basically)
Delicious (and a plugin for chrome)

For the mac (I have tons…):

Google Chrome
Audiobook builder (to create audiobooks and put them in iTunes)
Backuplist + (to rsync my docs to my webdav)
Copypaste Pro
Mikogo (free app to share desktop with anybody, browsing together and granting control over your machine)
Paparazzi! (to create a snapshot of a website)
ScreenFlick (to make screencasts)
Skype (I use it via Adium)
Adium (all Instant Messengers into one: Skype, Gtalk, yahoo, msn, facebook, aol, etc…)
Proxifier (to put all the apps into a box, then you can tunnel them via ssh into a machine with squid)
1Password (to manage logins and passwords. Syncs with iPhone)

For the iPhone:

Tweetie (in fact for iPhone and mac)
Brightkite (like twitter on steroids: with images, location, notes, checkins)
Foursquare, Gowala, Tellmewhere (location based apps. You can use to check in at the same time in some of them)
GeeTasks pro
AutoStich (to create panoramas with several photos)
MyWi (use your 3g connection to become a wifi hot spot)
ezShare (remote desktop, VPN and access to network drives like webdav)
IP Vision Pro (to access you Ip cameras)

I don’t have but I wish I have (I am not in the US… that is why):

Google Voice

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