novadrive from novatel: cloud-based unlimited storage

March 28, 2010

Novatel, maker of some of  3G / WiFi devices has decided to expand to data storage via novadrive. Cloud-based storage accessible through their software for Windows or Apple, but they’re have a nice mobile site so your phone.

Among the features such as remote wiping of your data if someone steals your computer to the ability to mail files to your file server, easy online collaboration for a team, and you can even send folks links to files who don’t have access to your server and track when and if they download it.

NovaDrive also has “unlimited” storage — though, we’d bet they’ll drop the fair use hammer quick if you go too wild — for roughly $50 a year for the personal version and $150 for the team fileserver version. Not too shabby if online storage is your thing, and even if it isn’t, Novadrive has a 30-day demo that won’t cost you one red cent, so feel feel to give it a whirl.

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