Key West, pirates town

February 28, 2010

We continue from the previous post, but now from the MSC Poesia. We woke up early. We decided to leave the curtains open so in the mornings we could see the sun rising in the sea. We had our shower and went to the 13th floor where the breakfast buffet is. Incredible choice and views. The restaurant is all surrounded by windows so we sat close to one that felt like being in the edge to the sea. Beautiful.2010-03-01_1826

After a full breakfast (eggs, sausages, bacon, pancakes,…)  we went down to deck 4 and left the ship. We spent the day in Key West, a beautiful small town at the end of Florida Keys.

We had buses organized driving everybody to town (5 min). We spent the day walking around that beautiful city, full of nice cars, nice Harleys and old people. We visited Hemmingway’s house and went to a small beach. 2010-03-01_1827

Houses in Key West are all colonial style. Beautiful lovely small town.

At 1.30 we went back to the ship and started our trip to Mexico. Nuria had a bit of sea sickness. Yes, this huge ship moves quite a bit…

2010-03-01_1828 It was the Captain’s cocktail and gala dinner. I did not bring any suit or any tie, but I went with a shirt. Everybody had their best dresses….

After the captain’s speech, there was the daily show but it is too loud for Kai so we left. Nuria rested for a while in the room and then we went for dinner. We always sit in the same table. The gala dinner was too much. I think we are going to put (more!!) on weight here.

Back at MSC poesia, we did the ritual of getting ready, have our cocktail and go to the theatre. Take a look at the video… the theatre is inside the ship, yes…2010-03-01_1830

Key West with GPS Garmin Oregon 300

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