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February 26, 2010

101271-8234b-5eaf1b_m After our great dinner in the restaurant in the corner of this busy street, the cafe nuvo we went to bed. We had a good night. Woke up several times (as usual) but OK.

The hotel is at the heart of Miami Beach, it is cheap a bit noisy but highly recommended. Just for sleeping though.

101271-8234f-9741a9_m We wanted to have breakfast so we went out of the hotel at Espanola way (photo on the right), where all the bars and restaurants are, and walked along Washington Avenue to the north where you have a lot of shopping. A couple of blocks from here there is Lincoln a pedestrian road full of shops and places to eat. We had a hot chocolate with a huge cookie at Ghirardelli. (photo above) Then we walked Lincoln towards the ocean stopping by a bank to redraw some money, and then along the beach. Lovely day. Perfect temperature. Perfect day.

101271-82347-18353e_m We walked down the famous Ocean Drive, with all the art deco buildings, full of  restaurants and hotels, beautiful people and incredible cars.Food here is cheap. We reached the bottom of Ocean Drive with a ton of leaflets on 9.95 usd meals.

We then went to the beach for a while, where Kai ate a bit and I had a bit of a “too much sun”, and went to have something to eat at Atlantic, in ocean drive. 101271-82348-5acb1a_m

Nuria had a lobster salad and I had a cubanito (excellent meat). We shared a huge mojito (photo above).

After lunch we went to the supermarket to buy some nappies for Kai (for the cruise) and back to the hotel.

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