Getting ready

February 24, 2010

Wednesday, a day to take it easy, meet a couple of people and prepare the bags for the day after, for the long trip.

In the morning we woke up pretty late because we the night before we went to bed at 2am from Alberto’s place. We took the 55 again towards placa de catalunya and we went to pizza marzano to meet Vanesa. We had lunch with her. Menu was 9.90 euros but quality is pretty bad.

We catch up with her over lunch. It was very nice to meet her and let her. She met Kai too, sure.

After lunch we had to meet with my friends from Salo de la Infancia, but we were going to meet late and my brother wanted to come over to my mum’s to say bye, so we cancelled (or postponed) with them and walked up home. We prepared the bags and went to bed.

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