Eneko & co.

February 22, 2010

On Monday we went downtown. We met Kike, the traveler at Zurich in placa catalunya.He is doing fine. We went for a walk until the sea, then the port and then up to borne where we had a final drink and he left. We stayed around to eat some tapas (delicious) and went back home to leave Kai and pick up Raquel, Kike and Eneko from the airport. We went to my mum’s and then walked to their hotel. A very nice hotel I have to say, not far from here.

We went for dinner to a Pans & co. and home to bed. 101271-814b3-20b3a9_m 101271-814ac-9baa0c_m 101271-814b2-afb0c1_m

In the photos you can see Kai in the bus, drinking his cocktails. The first one is the “celler de tapes” or “lonja de tapas” at Borne where we had our tapas.

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  1. Comment by luisa_cassaro

    luisa_cassaro Reply February 24, 2010 at 7:04 pm

    je vois que Kai a déjà compris qu’il faut qu’il se “démerde” tout seul!!!!!

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