Barcelona: kai meets his great grandmother

February 19, 2010

Barcelona is proving to be a challenge in terms of meeting all the people we have to meet. I posted a note in facebook and sent an email to all my friend telling them to call us if they want to meet us (well meet kai).

I wish there would be an easy way to do this. Currently people calls me, I check my calendar, add them and I keep creating busy slots. I guess I could create a writable online calendar (maybe with google calendar) and with a password allow people to allocate on free slots. Is that possible? I know that for events where it is one time inviting people it is easy, with tools such as evite (before) and facebook (now).

Anyway kai met his great grandmother. It was veeeery emotional. My grandmother is 94 and she was crying of joy. Kai of course is too young to remember this in the future, but I took a couple of photos. Maybe I should have taken a video. I will.

Before though, we went to la maquinista (sort of an open-air shopping mall)  where we had lunch and bought some stuff (like dodotis).

We also met my best friend Sebas and Nuria. We went out for drinks at a cool place (see the photos) in the new area of Barcelona called Diagonal Mar. I don’t know that district at all… I am ashamed. Then we went to where Seba’s Nuria works, the Hospitality school where we had a delicious gastronomic dinner. It was delicious and it is nice because you are served by students who are doing their test on you. The teacher is overlooking but it is a great deal because you get to eat very nice things at a very affordable price.IMG_2169

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  1. Comment by luisa_cassaro

    luisa_cassaro Reply February 24, 2010 at 7:07 pm

    lucky Kai to have a great grand mother! My grand father (who is now dead unfortunately) was lucky enough to become great great grand father (4 generations!) at the age of 90 thanks to very precocious women in the family!!!

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