Sensors to Help You Get Fit – From Nike, Adidas & Others

February 4, 2010

One of the trends we’re exploring this year is how the Internet is being integrated into everyday objects. Called the Internet of Things, it’s seeping into some massive consumer industries. One of them is fitness. Many of you have heard of the Nike+ running shoes, which sends running data to your iPod via a sensor.

Adidas recently joined the race to connect your running gear to the Internet, with its miCoach system. There is also the Wii Fit and innovative Web fitness services like NordicTrack’s iFit.
Keep up, because tracking your fitness progress on the Internet – via sensors attached to your body or workout gear – is going to become very popular.

A recent USA Today article notes the increasing usage of Web-enabled products that help you monitor your workouts and give you real-time coaching. The Nike+ shoes and iPod system is one of the market leaders.
The Nike+ shoes come with a sensor that tracks your run, then sends the data to your iPod. It even has its own social network. And what Web product circa 2010 doesn’t come with a Twitter and Facebook connection? Sure enough, the Nike+ can automatically tweet.

Meanwhile the Adidas miCoach PACER is a running pacer device that retails for $140. The bundle includes a Heart Rate Monitor and a “Stride Sensor” – a battery-operated sensor that fits into your shoe.
The miCoach Pacer can also verbally coach the runner during their run, “to ensure that they are staying within their targeted heart rate zone.”
There’s an accompanying website, where users can create training plans, set goals and monitor their progress.
Let us know if you currently use an Internet-connected fitness system, especially if it makes use of sensors.

(from readwriteweb)

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