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January 14, 2010

With remindo you can create your company branded intranet in minutes and access it from anywhere on the web. Use it free for up to 3 GB of storage. Share information, collaborate and project manage with your team and clients.


Here the features:
Personalization & Company Branding
Personalized URL Remindo gives you a personalized URL like to access your company intranet. Share this secure URL with your clients and team to give them access to your company intranet anywhere on the web.

Company branding
Brand your intranet by uploading your company logo. Your team and clients will see it prominently displayed on every page of your intranet, truly making it your own.

Company Intranet

Company Network
When you sign up, your corporate email address immediately creates an intranet for your company on Remindo. Anyone with an email address ending in your corporate domain will automatically be added to your company network on Remindo, once they sign up.

Sharing links and status updates
A powerful Twitter-like messaging system but private for your team. Team members can share thoughts on work, projects, ask questions, share URLs, or simply post status updates.

Instant Messaging
As team members join your intranet, they are automatically added to the Instant Messaging list and instantly organized. Clients and partners can also be added to IM allowing your entire team to have instant one-on-one access to each other. You can also send offline messages as a great replacement to sending emails.

Rich Team Profiles
Each team member gets a personal profile space to fill out. This allows team members to get to know each other better and allows new team members to familiarize themselves with the team quickly and easily.

Online File Storage
Tag, upload, and share files. Its a great place to share frequently used files like employee manuals, sales collateral, presentation templates etc. Comments can also be posted for these file. Each file can be up to 200MB in size and can be downloaded from anywhere. Every company intranet gets 3GB of free storage.

Team and Client Communication


Threaded discussions organize all inter-company and client communication in tidy strings saving you and your team the hassle of digging through emails to find what you need.

Communication Archive
All communication gets archived for future reference and is organized by the work they are related to. This allows you to quickly and easily recover any discussion if the need arises.

200MB File Sharing
Attach massive files of up to 200MB to discussions. Files this size cannot be sent by email and third party transfers create security risks, but Remindo discussions allow you to easily share files that too with platinum standard security.

Client Extranet

Work planning
Interact with your clients and set tasks and milestones on the shared work calendar to keep everyone on the same page.

Client privacy
No matter how many different clients you might be working with, Remindo architecture ensures that your interactions with one client are always invisible to all others so there is no risk of privacy breaches.

File sharing with clients
Share huge files of upto 200 MB each with your clients. Since everything in Remindo is protected with multiple layers of security, this is the best way to share sensitive information with clients.

Unlimited clients
There is no limit on the number of clients you can work with in Remindo. Invite as many as you want.

Work planning and project management

Personalized Work Calendar
Get a quick overview of the status of all your work at a glance. Each team member gets a personalized calendar with only work for which they are responsible.

Unlimited Users
Allow any number of people to be a member of your private intranet. Authorize any team members, freelance partners, and/or clients to view work and participate in projects.

Unlimited Projects
Setup and manage an unlimited number of projects on your intranet.

Unlimited Subprojects
Each project can have an unlimited number of subprojects within it allowing you to further organize your company’s work.

Easily add milestones to projects by clicking the appropriate day on the calendar. Assign responsibility for the new milestone to anyone on your team.

Task Lists and Tasks
Link any number of tasks to each milestone and assign each task to any team member you choose. In this way, management of work can get as granular as you wish. As tasks are completed, team members mark them complete. When all tasks in a given milestone are complete, the milestone is automatically marked as completed.

Milestone Auto-Completion
Milestones can be set to automatically be marked complete on any date you specify.

Milestones and Task Delegation
Delegate milestones and tasks to any team member you choose. As they complete these tasks and milestones, Remindo will send email notifications to your email inbox alerting you that they are complete.

Milestone Alerts
Remindo sends you an email notification of any milestones or tasks that are either pending or overdue, alerting you to possible problems in plenty of time to make the necessary adjustments. Milestone alerts help you keep your work on track.

Cross Company Milestones
Milestones and tasks across all your work and projects from your entire company intranet can be viewed from a single calendar. Management can track the operations of the entire company at a single glance.

Multiple Calendar Views
View the progress of milestones and tasks on either a broad monthly basis or on a detailed weekly view. Both calendar views are available at a single click allowing you to toggle back and forth between views.

Enterprise Security

Platinum standard security that plugs SQL injections, prevents XSS attacks, and protects your data from mismanagement, hackers, and your competition’s prying eyes.

VeriSign SSL
Remindo uses a 128 bit VeriSign SSL to secure all communication pipes. This encryption is the same as used in many global banks and Fortune 500 companies.

Amazon Web Services
All your company information gets stored on secure Amazon S3 server clouds using EC2 technology protecting you from the risks of stolen laptops, server crashes, and malware attacks.

Work Alerts

Email Alerts
Remindo sends alerts directly to your email inbox keeping you notified of the completion of work, tasks, milestones and projects. You will also receive notifications of pending or overdue tasks allowing you to get that work back on track.

Daily Digest
If you prefer, Remindo can send you a quick daily digest of all the day’s activity allowing you to review the progress your team has made during the day.

Instant alerts
Receive notifications the moment tasks or milestones are completed. These alerts are sent directly to your email inbox and flag you the moment they are marked completed by a team member.

Special event notifications
Get a daily report of all event activity that has taken place across your projects.

Live Feed

Live activity feed
All activities on your intranet and within projects are brought to you directly. Live feed instantly alerts you to activity so you don’t waste time report, updating, notifying, and sending team members emails on an individual basis.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Cloud Hosted
Remindo operates from Amazon S3 server Internet clouds. These are among the most secure and reliable available for SaaS.

Backed Up
Remindo backs up every file, message, tweet, and instant message so none of your important documents and communications are lost.

Access Anywhere
As Remindo is web-based, both you and your team can access it from any computer anywhere in the world that has an internet connect. You’ll stay connected with company operations no matter where you’re traveling.

Nothing to Install
You don’t need to install or maintain anything. Remindo does all that for you. All you have to do is log in.

Reduce System Admin Loads
Remindo manages your entire corporate network for you. We keep servers up and running, troubleshoot any glitches, and keep the system up-to-date. This frees up your IT team to focus on other things.

Always Up-to-Date
Remindo makes sure your project management system is always the newest, most stable environment for your project management.


24x7x365 Support
Remindo has a dedicated support team that will answer your queries and provide support 24x7x365. Just shoot a mail to remindo [at] remindo [dot] com and support will get back to you.

Video Tour Guides
Detailed video guides to walk new users through everything from basic project management and collaboration features to advanced functionality

All questions that Remindo users frequently ask are compiled for reference.

Case Study
Detailed case study that captures how a global company incorporated Remindo into their processes to boost productivity and get more ambitious with targets

Step-by-step guide for CEO’s and owners of Small Businesses on how to use Remindo to increase organizational efficiency and get results.

Free for unlimited users, projects and subprojects
There is absolutely no sign up or usage cost associated with Remindo. You can start availing all these features simply by signing up with your corporate email id.

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