In my way to kigali (4th time)

November 10, 2009

Here I am again on board of a plain typing in the little iPhone keyboard. I am in Nairobi. Now the plain is goin to take off to Kigali (Rwanda) where I will go to the hotel, which will be suprise surprise because every hotel was full due to a confernce that it’s taking place now. The one I booked for the 8 of us costs only $29 compared with the $300 of the Serena. I found it in tripadvisor and reviews are ok. I will report later on that but I thin it has no Internet.
I met one of the 8 traveling in Geneva. He has been traveling with me today.
It is goin to be a hard and long day because we arrieve to Kigali at 8:30am and we start working.
On Monday morning before going to the airport I went to the office to have a meeting with an NGO who can help us writing the DTIS. I felt terrible (stomach ache) so wnt home. Then when going to the airport it was going worse and worse. Nuria was in bed all day. She went to the hospital to Have analyses for the A flue. I started withe sam symptoms but after entering in the plane in amsterdam I slept from min one sweting like a pig.
Now I’m feeling better I will have breakfast as I haven’t eat in the last 24 h.
Serving food now. Ciao.

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