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September 29, 2009

Money management is now easy with moneystrands.


If you do not want to monitor multiple bank sites and maintain painful spreadsheets anymore, then moneyStrands automatically pulls together data from your bank, credit card and investment accounts to provide an accurate, up-to-date picture of your financial life broken down by meaningful automatically identified categories along with flexible user defined transaction types. Best of all, moneyStrands is 100% FREE.

Where does your money go?

Get a clear view of how much you spend eating out, gassing up the car and those guilty pleasures. Then look at your spending trends or drill down into individual categories to see just where all the money you earn goes. Easily define budgets, see projectionsalerts to help you follow your plan.

Your data wherever you go

Thanks to our easy to use mobile widget you’ll have immediate access to all your financial data anytime, anywhere on your smart phone. Check balances and receive text alerts on-the-go. moneyStrands keeps working for you where ever life happens to take you. All you need is a web browser to enjoy moneyStrands on the go.

How do you mesure up?

Find and connect with like-minded members who share your goals and your traits. See how you compare, share your thoughts on best bargains or just exchange financial tips and money missteps. Your experience is as valuable as any others and there is no better insider track than following to the word of mouth.

Savings and recommendations

moneyStrands intelligent recommendation engine constantly searches through numerous offers from a multitude of service providers to find the best deals on everything from credit cards to complementary products that fit your financial condition. We know recommendations are only as good as the value they add to your bottom line. moneyStrands recommendations are bias free and are uniquely tailored to your needs based on your spending, saving and investing patterns.

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