7s SevenSnap entertainment shopping for your iPhone

August 31, 2009

Finally, it is online – the sneak preview explaining the idea behind SevenSnap. Take a look at the guide.

7sSevenSnap in a nutshell:

Every 60 minutes, we are offering you a product from the realms of consumer electronics, travel and leisure activities. To see the price of the product, which drops every second, you have to enter the Snap Room. Being in the Snap Room costs 1,– USD per minute.

If multiple people are in the Snap Room at the same time, the price of the product can drop by up to 100,– US Dollars per minute. The person first clicking on the “Order now” button gets the deal and the price drop is repeated from the top.
This system creates incredible saving opportunities and makes shopping a very exciting experience.

Now available for the iPhone.

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