Augmented Reality Navigation System

August 28, 2009

Mobilizy GmbH reveals a preview of it’s augmented reality navigation system, the first fully functional mobile AR navigation system available for the Android platform. Wikitude Drive was developed by the Mobilizy Research & Development group in Salzburg, Austria, to satisfy the curiosity of the developers to see if it was feasible to combine real-time navigation with mobile augmented reality. The result of this quest is Wikitude Drive, a fully-functional, light weight navigational system which overlays point-to-point directions on a camera-view, without the need for maps.

Wikitude Drive boasts the following features:

  • * Mobile AR navigation, similar to a heads up display (HUD);
  • * Fully functional, map-less navigation;
  • * POI 2 POI navigation;
  • * Integrated voice commands (additional text-to-speech engine required);
  • * World wide navigational data which is accessed in real-time from the internet;
    o (a mobile internet connection is necessary to access data while in motion)
  • * Peer-to-peer navigational functions
    o Social navigational features will be implemented in future releases
  • * Interfaces with existing navigational APIs (for example: NavTeq, Map24, TeleAtlas)
  • * Launching for Android and iPhone soon.

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