Augmented Reality is taking off

August 19, 2009

Arf (Georgia Tech)
a virtual pet you take anywhere

ARghhhh (Georgia Tech)
first person table-top action game

Sekai Camera (Tonchidot)
AirTag the real world

Kweekies (int13)
a portal to creatures in a parallel world

Layar (SPRXmobile)
Browse the world with an AR browser

Artoolkit for the iPhone (Artoolworks)
the most popular AR kit now on the iPhone

StudierStube ES (Imagination, Graz TU)
the only AR engine designed for mobile devices, now on iPhone

PTAM on the iPhone (Oxford University)
next generation AR tracking with no markers or images

Wikitude (Mobilizy)
a travel guide that “tells you what you see”

Virtual Santa (Metaio)
interactive Christmas application using the augmented reality

Augmented Reality Sightseeing (Fraunhofer IGD)
Historic photographs overlaid on your field of view while strolling in a street

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