August 14, 2009

mikogoYesterday I posted a link to yuuguu, a sort of adium or multimessenger that would allow you to share your desktop.
Well, in the comments I got Andrew from mikogo who was recommending me to try his product.
I did and I love it.
I got a couple of friends to install it. I tested it on my work PC and my mac at home.

The problem I had with yuuguu was that I did not want to give up on adium. I do like adium, and even if yuuguu was providing me extra features I prefere adium. What I was missing was a sharing desktop feature.

I have to say that iChat does that in a very nice way. The bad news is that it works only with Mac.

Mikogo, on the contrary does the job very very well. It works with mac, with pc.

Unfortunatelly the Mac version is not as complete as the PC one. If you are driving a session with the PC you have a whiteboard and some other goodies that are not availbalbe with the mac. I’m sure they will come in the future.

Give it a try! I got my mum to install it too. Now I can take over her PC from my mac and show her how to upload photos to picasa for instance. Easy.

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  1. Comment by Andrew Donnelly, Mikogo Web Conferencing

    Andrew Donnelly, Mikogo Web Conferencing Reply August 14, 2009 at 6:35 pm

    Hi Dani,
    Thanks for checking out Mikogo and blogging about our app. Great to hear that you, your friends and your mum are now enjoying Mikogo!
    We’re following you on Twitter now! You can find us on Twitter @mikogo.

    All the best,

    Andrew Donnelly
    The Mikogo Team

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