May 16, 2009

PLAY.FM is the most comprehensive audio database for DJ and club culture on the internet. More than 12.000 DJ sets, live recordings and radio sessions can be streamed free of charge and on-demand.

Upload, track list wiki, meta-shop
DJs can upload and release studio mixes, radio sessions and event recordings themselves and check their audience statistics. The PLAY.FM audio player visualizes the entire set in wave-form, enabling the user to set time markers in order to identify and inquire about unknown tracks in wiki form. Each identified track is linked to the meta-shop: currently 1.4 million tracks from 5 different online shops can be compared on PLAY.FM’s metashop where tracks are categorized according to quality and/or pricing – 20 further shops will follow in the next weeks.

Promotion platform for the club-music industry
Labels, clubs, bookers and organizers use PLAY.FM as an effective promotion platform: They promote their artists, releases and events by posting live recordings, radio sessions and DJ sets ranging from jazz, house, drum and bass up to techno. On PLAY.FM one can reach music industry’s protagonists, distributors, as well as music lovers from over 140 countries who are able to listen to all of PLAY.FM’s recordings for free and on-demand. Additionally, PLAY.FM’s widget offers users and content partners the possibility to embed mixes into their websites.

Further features scheduled
In order to give users a prompt insight into their desired local scene, PLAY.FM’s “Cities” pages will illustrate all of PLAY.FM’s content on city maps. A PLAY.FM “Channel” will give music magazines, online forums and advertisers the opportunity to present text, image, video as well as interactive flash formats together with PLAY.FM content.

The comprehensiveness and depth of PLAY.FM’s content, enable the user to constantly discover new music styles, labels, artists, djs, and clubing locations. With brand-new applications such as the track list wiki, meta-shop and the exact acquisition of audience statistics, PLAY.FM provides for more transparency and intends to actively contribute to the fair distribution of music licensing.

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