bChamp: iPhone app to beatbox

June 12, 2009

bChamp, drums controlled by voice

bChamp offers an exciting new way to drum. bChamp is a voice controlled drum kit for your iPhone. Easily make groovy beats by beatboxing into the iPhone microphone. bChamp instantly translates your beatboxing into impressive drum sounds. Making and practicing beats was never so easy or fun. No talent required. bChamp does the work, you claim the fame.

Sound recognition

bChamp recognizes three easy to learn beatbox sounds:
Snare (say “k” as in “cabbage”, without breathing out)
Kickdrum (say “b” as in “bogus”)
Hi-Hat (say “t” sound with your teeth closed)

Pitch adjustment and visual effects

Adjust the pitch of your beats by using an easy to use interface, optimized for blind use so you can focus on the beat. Simply swipe one finger to change the pitch.


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