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June 11, 2009

picture-110itpints is the new itpints is a real-time search engine. It’s not like Google, nope, with itpints you wont be able to know the aswer to any question. Instead, with itpints you can know what is people publishing on internet about anything of your interest, at the same time you’re searching for it. The relevancy of any result is given by when it was posted on internet. The posibilities are infinite, you can use it to follow what is happening on a concert of your favourite band, or search for news that are not even in the newspapers yet!

Right now there are some other sites like itpints: yauba, scoopler, one riot and social mention (which I think is the best of these). Why another one?, well, if you already used some of these sites surely noticed that most of the results on them are from Twitter. With itpints you will have a better idea of what is happening on internet because itpints do search on more sources than the other sites, and you have the Advanced Search also, where you can filter the results you don’t want to see.
If you need to be updated all the time, you are able to subscribe to the rss feed of your search, so you can receive the results directly into your preffered feed reader without the need of visiting the site!

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