GPS photo finder mini

May 9, 2009

minigpsNow we have plenty of software that use gps location from the photos we take. You take photos with a gps phone, such as the iphone, most of the nokias then you import the photos into iphoto or picasa3 and voila, you know where the photo was shot, using google maps, for instance.

Well, if this technology is available and is damn cool, why new compact and SLR cameras do not come with integrated gps?

gps for my nikon d300 cost a fortune.

I found a website where they sell a little gps module that you can put in your pocket, and using their card reader it will add the position of where you took the shot. I don’t know if the way it works is that it takes the time where you shot, but it looks pretty clever is it is this way. No complicated cables …

In fact the idea is very good. The beauty is that you just have to switch it on and sync the clocks. 

I could achieve similar results (more manual input) if I use my oregon 300 and mark a waypoint for every photo… but then to match them… not easy.

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