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Paperless post: evite alternative

I have blogged about evite in the past and now I have to mention it again. Traditionally people organize events by sending emails to everybody, having private one-on-one conversations for specific things, and at the end, if it is a big event, you don’t know who is going, who is bringing what etc… There are […]

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event management online

aimado sendomatic eventful ennect evite activeciti spongecell eventwax renkoo pingg ilcu cvent socializr my punch bowl minglenow confabb live events zoji eventsbot eventbrite planyp wevent gydget setdot upcoming youreventhub meeting4 going zvents My favourites are “my punch bowl” for A-Z free event organization, and “eventbrite” which is very professional and free for free events. Then […]

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