Manage your tasks (ToDos)

May 3, 2010

How do you manage your tasks?

This is how I manage mine:

I use google apps (you could use gmail tasks) and I use the tasks there. You can create a calendar with the tasks with due date.

In my iPhone I syncronize it with Geetasks pro which is a great app that syncs your tasks in google with your iphones… and works offline!!

Then, in my mac I use fluid. Fluid (which is free) what it does is it creates a program in your applications folder with a custom browser unique for that app (Site Specific Browser (SSB)), so when I launch norai tasks it opens a window with the tasks alone. Like a program. You can even choose the icon you want for the program.

For the URL you have to use something like (what I use):

or if you want a list on the left and the tasks on the right (nice if you are a heavy user)

or if you want to see it like in a phone (you can use iPhone at the end instead of android but works better with android):

Take a look at this site to know more about how to do it, but pretty straight forward.

The pros is that in my iPhone (main tool for tasks) I have them offline also. When in the office you can use google site or the second lint (canvas) to manage your tasks and projects.

The cons is that in my mac I have to be online (with fluid). It would be nice to have gears for that…

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