We are going on holidays!!

February 14, 2010

Yeap! we are all (the three of us) going on holidays!

I will be blogging daily as we did in our previous trip around the world one year ago!

You will be able to follow our trip on by going to:


It is our first trip with Kai. It is not like the trip we did last year but for a 2 month old is going to be a good test. We are planing to drive to Barcelona first, stay there for a while, then take the plane to Miami, rent a car at the airport, go to our hotel in Miami South Beach: The Clay Hotel, and then to Port Everglade (north of Miami) drop the car and start the cruise on board of the MSC Poesia, a 2008 cruise for 3000 people. You can make a virtual tour here.

We will be cruising around the Caribbean in the floating city for 15 days. In fact this is two 7 day cruises in one, so two circuits, passing by Port Everglades in the middle of the stay.

After, once we are back on the 13th of March, we will rent a car again (still have to do that, and in fact still have to do the first one too), and go around as we will have 3 days. We might go to the National Parc of the Everglades in the south of Florida… we have to see.

Then back to Barcelona arriving on the 17th March, and probably drive back home on the 22nd or so.

Here you have a map with markers of all the places we are planning to go. Click on the marker to find out more information.


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