fatsecret will help you on your diet for free

August 14, 2009


Looking for a free internet site that will help you achieve your objectives towards your ideal weight and lifestyle?

FatSecret is a new online diet, nutrition and weight loss community that harnesses the collective contributions of the members to generate practical and motivating information so that you can make better decisions to achieve your goals.

Fatsecret is for everyone:

  • Create your own personalized diet
  • Share your diet with friends (and the world)
  • Find information about all the popular diets you’ve heard about
  • Discover what works – how people are doing on various diets
  • Record your progress and track your performance against your buddies
  • Record the food you eat and exercise you do in your diet calendar
  • Find ingredients and recipes that are right for your diet
  • Search for diets that fit your lifestyle and needs
  • Discuss your personal diet or any popular diet
  • And so much more…

FatSecret is free. What you see is what you get.

FatSecret is not affiliated or associated with any of the diets or diet companies that are referenced on our site. They provide their general opinion on some aspects of these ‘popular’ diets but in no way endorse or support them or their programs.

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