July 2, 2009

Picture 1gdgt (like “gadget” — or g-d-g-t) is a new kind of technology site — a social gadget platform that enables you to connect with the community through your gadgets, and connect with your gadgets through the community. It’s a place for you to engage with your devices and hang out with people who are as passionate about their gear as you are.

gdgt is all about providing you with useful, contextual information — both from here and around the web — to help you get more out of the products you already own, as well as help you discover that next great device to add to your collection. We hope that gdgt will be the last personal technology destination you’ll need, and the place to call home for you and your gadgets.

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The place for you, me, and all the gadgets we know

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  • Build your gadget list
  • Write reviews and discuss your devices
  • Connect with other gadget users
  • Check out useful tips and tricks
  • Find your next new device
  • Read up about the latest gadgets

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